Customize Your Store with WooCommerce Hooks

Customize Your Store with WooCommerce Hooks

Customize Your Store with WooCommerce Hooks

Do you want to customize your WooCommerce store, but you can't find any settings in the settings section for the change you want to make? Do you wish you could write 'Buy' instead of 'Add to Cart', or 'Coming Soon' instead of 'Out of Stock'? This guide is for you.

First of all, to add the code blocks that I will share with you in this article to your site Code Snippets you can use the plugin. Let's get started.

4 Suggestions for Customizing a WooCommerce Store

1- Add to Cart

Add to cart buttons appear in many places such as product listing, category pages or product detail pages. First of all, let's start without changing the text for category and listing sections. You can solve this problem with the block part below.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_add_to_cart_text', function() {
return __( 'Buy' , 'woocommerce');

You can use this code block for the 'add to cart' text on the pages of your products to customize your WooCommerce store. So you can customize your products simply You can add it without the need for any plugin.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_single_add_to_cart_text', function() {
return __( 'Buy' , 'woocommerce');

2- Out of Stock

The default Out of Stock text does not encourage your customers to stay on the site or come back and look again, and we don't want to lose our customers. With this code block you can change the text there.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_availability_text', function( $availability , $product ) {
if ( ! $product->is_in_stock() ) {
$availability = __( 'In Stock Soon', 'woocommerce' );
return $availability;
}, 10 , 2 );

3- Interfering with the top and bottom sections of the store page

We can decorate your campaigns or discounts with banners that may be of interest to your customers. We would like to decorate your products with a picture or text before or after listing. This block code part will help you.

add_action( 'woocommerce_before_shop_loop', function( ) {

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add_filter( 'wc_product_sku_enabled', '__return_false' );

5- Privatize payment areas

Finally, the page that the infrastructure store owner complains about to customize the WooCommerce store is the Checkout Page. Although there are dozens of intervention hooks and codes to customize or edit this page, it is very difficult to achieve what is desired. We will beautify your payment page with the design that dazzles with its design where your customers can register multiple addresses. Easy Multiple Address I didn't want to pass without mentioning our plugin. Let's talk about how we intervene in payment fields. Let's make your Name Surname field Name, Surname together.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_checkout_fields', function( $fields ) {
$fields['billing']['billing_first_name']['label'] = __('First Name' , 'woocommerce' );
$fields['billing']['billing_last_name']['label'] = __('Last name' , 'woocommerce' );
return $fields;

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