The Most Useful WordPress Plugins of 2022

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins of 2022

2022 yılı itibari ile tüm web sitelerin %60’ını wordpress It creates websites prepared with its infrastructure. Therefore, continuous efforts are underway to ensure that a website made with wordpress is no different from the website that can be made with special software. In this context, plugins play a life-saving role. The most useful wordpress plugins in our article paid or free we will talk about many plugins that you can use. Thanks to these plugins, you can easily

Best Free WordPress Plugins

1-Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO, one of the most reliable seo plugins that everyone who is more or less related to wordpress knows, is in the first place. With Yoast SEO, you can check the suitability of your website content in terms of SEO and create your content within certain rules. In addition to being free, there is also a paid version. However, it can do very successful work with its free version.


The Most Useful WordPress Plugins of 2022

Yoast SEO Benefits:

-SEO allows you to identify and correct your weaknesses.
-Creates content and XML sitemaps.
Since it is a plugin that closely follows Google's updates, it offers you the most up-to-date SEO settings. In this context, it accelerates your content to reach the top ranks.

2-Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the easiest way to communicate with your customers or visitors. You can also add and customize many different forms to your website with Contact Form 7. With Contact Form 7's simple interface and different designs, you can connect with your visitors who want to reach you in the healthiest way.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins of 2022

Benefits of Contact Form 7:

-Allows you to create a large number of contact forms.
-It prevents spam messages by utilizing systems such as CAPTCHA and Akismet. It applies filtering process within itself.
-It allows you to customize your contact form according to your design.

3-W3 Total Cache

Whether you are selling on your website or just trying to attract visitors, one of your must-haves is your website speed. The faster your website is, the more valuable you become to Google and your visitors. In this context, you need cache plugins. Cache plugins are simply known as caching. By caching your website's interface, it allows you to open faster and thus strengthen your on-site experience.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins of 2022

W3 Total Cache Benefits:

-Wordpress caches your site and allows for faster page loads
-You can attract more users with your fast loading website.
-Your accelerated website gives you positive returns in terms of SEO.

4-IyziBazaar Marketplace Extension

For your E-Commerce site that works with the marketplace model using WooCommerce and Dokan, WCVendor, Product Vendors, WCFM (WC Lovers) systems, you can use iyzico to receive payments through iyzico, create vendors, and perform cart fee distributions according to your specified commission amount. IyziBazaar With many more advanced features, it allows you to save time in your processes and make error-free transactions.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins of 2022


Benefits of the IyziBazaar Plugin:

-Provides solutions for those who want to create their own marketplace.
-Offers a test environment to improve your customer experience.
-Informs you about incorrect orders.
-Allows 3D Secure transaction and order returns.
-You can define order status for orders whose payment is completed.

5-Loco Translate

You can create your own wordpress site yourself. However, it is not possible to get the design you want at the beginning. Therefore, you will need a nice theme. The language of WordPress themes will be mostly in English. After installing your theme, translating the language of your site into Turkish is very simple with Loco Translate. With a single click, you can translate the language of your entire website into Turkish or any language you want. In parts where automatic translation is not allowed, it is possible to make manual changes. We can say that Loco Translate plugin is the priority for the most useful wordpress plugins for translation.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins of 2022

Benefits of Loco Translate:

-You can change the language of your website with a single click.
-Used to create templates for developers.

6-Easy Multiple Address Plugin

There is an option for people who have purchased products or services from your website to save their addresses during their shopping later. This speeds up the shopping process and makes it more practical. Your customers do not need to enter the address again. At the same time, apart from the order delivery address, they can also save the address for the invoice in the same way.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins of 2022

Benefits of the Easy Multiple Address Plugin:

-It allows your customers to go through the payment steps quickly.
-Allows you to customize the design to suit your theme, giving your customers a more elegant address insertion page.
-You can increase the circulation rate within the site as you save your customers time on the payment screen.

7-All-In-One-Migration Plugin

We continue our series of the most useful wordpress plugins this time with a plugin that will appeal to people who are not competent in wordpress. You want to change your website's server, but are you intimidated by backup operations? With the All In One Migration plugin, it is possible to back up your website with a single click without having a single software knowledge.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins of 2022

Benefits of the All-In-One-Migration Plugin:

-It enables anyone who has no knowledge of site backup and migration to do so.
-You can move your website to another location by simply dragging and dropping.
-It can also easily and seamlessly back up your large file sizes, as it splits the site backup and downloads it in chunks.

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