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6 Best WooCommerce Catalog Mode Plugins 2020 for Free

6 Best WooCommerce Catalog Mode Plugins 2020 for Free

The success of your eCommerce site is largely determined by the positive experiences your customers have in your store.

Honestly. E-Commercehas reached a pool of customers from different walks of life in recent years.

In this article, WooCommerce Take the customer experience on your e-commerce site to the next level WooCoommerce catalog mode plugins we're going to talk about. And all of these plugins FREE!

So, let's get started!

6 Best WooCommerce Catalog Mode Plugins 2020 for Free


1. WISDM Product Catalog Manager


WISDM Product Catalog Manager is a simple and powerful WooCommerce plugin. You can convert your eCommerce site to catalog mode or catalog mode in a few minutes. members only has the ability to turn it into a store.

Certified WooExperts this plugin developed by in your store It allows you to integrate 'Hide Prices' and 'Add to Cart' buttons into your site extremely easily. By doing so, you can make these buttons appear exclusively to your members. And with this plugin, many guest users will want to become members of your site.

WISDM Product Catalog Manager withyou will be able to create catalogs without the need for any software expert!

WISDM Product Catalog Manager Key Features

  • Hide the Pricing and Buy button and you can create a store catalog
  • You can increase your attractiveness by not allowing guest users to buy your product.
  • You can enable registered users to view and purchase products without restrictions to make them feel special
  • You can encourage Guest Users to sign up by adding a link and taking them to the special page or registration page

WISDM Product Catalog Plugin Advantages and Disadvantages



1.WISDM Product Catalog Manager is simple to install and easy to use. 1. Does not offer User Specific Catalog Mode
2. Equally designed for Beginners and Professionals.
3. Excellent support team is always ready to help.
4. Highly reliable as it is developed by certified WooExperts

2. YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode


YITH WooCommerce Catalog Modeis one of the most preferred WooCommerce Catalog mode plugins. Within 2 clicks, it allows you to turn your WooCommerce E-Commerce site into an online catalog store.

Similar to other WooCommerce catalog mode plugins, it allows you to hide the Add to Cart button from the Products page, Shop page, Checkout page, etc. The only disadvantage is that the free version has minimal functionality.

Key Features of YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mod

  • You can enable or disable Catalog Mode for your convenience.
  • For users who are not logged in, you can hide add to cart buttons on the Products page, Checkout page, etc. to allow guest users to sign up for the site.
  • You can put a request for proposal form on your site.

YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Allow the user to make changes. 1. Very limited functionalities in the Free Version
2. Easy to install and has many user manuals

3. Catalog for WooCommerce


Catalog for WooCommerceis an easy-to-use WooCommerce catalog mode plugin developed by Pheoniixx. Besides hiding the Add to Cart and Pricing options, what makes this plugin different, Scores and Comments From the Store or Products page to hide allows .

In doing so, you can force the user to sign up to view product details, reviews and pricing. Again, the drawback here: The free version minimum options There are.

Catalog for WooCommerce Key Features

  • You can hide the Add to Cart or Price button from the Products page or Shop page to force users to be curious about the product
  • You can motivate guest users to sign up by disabling Ratings and Reviews from the Products page.
  • You can add a customized button with a link to take users to the registration page and change its style.
  • Has an easy installation process

Advantages of Catalog for WooCommerce and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages 
1.Has an easy installation process 1. Offers minimal functionalities in the free version
2. Allows you to add a stylized customized button to redirect users to the Registration page

4. eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress


created by ImpleCode, eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress% is 100 optimized and responsive to your site. It allows you to create and design your product catalog in minutes. However, its usage is more limited than other woocommerce catalog code plugins. a bit complicated may be

However, to encourage unregistered users to become members, you can enable/disable items such as Product Pricing, Add to Cart options, etc. to a great extent Flexibility provides.

The plugin is designed to make your product easy to find in a few different ways product search and filters to add allows you to customize the product display. You can fully customize the product display with the WordPress customizer and the ability to display it anywhere on your page is the most important difference from other woocommerce catalog mode plugins.

eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress Key Features

  • You can display products anywhere on your site without price and custom parameters
  • The plugin can be used with any WordPress works with contact
  • Add product and search filters to make your products easy to find
  • Import and Export your products with a CSV spreadsheet for your convenience
  • Integrates with dozens of free WordPress plugins

eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages 
1. Free version offers many features 1. The plugin may take some getting used to
2. Import/Export your products with a CSV spreadsheet at any time
3. Works with modern WordPress themes
4. Provides detailed documentation
5. Suitable for beginners

5. WC Catalog Enquiry

An impressive program with tons of features in the free version woocommerce catalog mode plugin. With this incredible plugin you can have both stores and catalogs at the same time.

You can restrict the store for selected users as well as configure catalog settings for a specific group (registered/unregistered) at your discretion.

WC Catalog Enquiry Key Features

  • Guest users signing up hide the 'Add to Cart' and 'Price' buttons
  • Enable catalog mode for specific products to increase appeal among unregistered users
  • Add a custom button/link that redirects guest users to a registration page for single/all products on a shop page
  • Apply Catalog mode based on User Groups instead of User Roles

WC Catalog Enquiry  Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages 
1. A Responsive Query Form 1. Lack of documentation and support
2. Tons of features for a free plugin 2. Free version may have theme compatibility issues
3. The plugin is suitable for both beginners and professionals
4. Apply catalog mode to specific products according to your choice

6. ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Modeis one of the best plugins available on the market. There are many plugins that will turn your store into catalog mode in no time. has premium-like feature . For your convenience, you have the option to replace or customize the 'Add to Cart' button with your own placeholder or a link to take your customers to a different page.

With this plugin you unlock the possibility to hide the Pricing, Cart and Checkout pages for all or specific products. In order to perform site administration I'm going to send the Director outside these settings to quit you can even choose.

The plugin is especially useful for updating your stock or performing site maintenance. statute of limitations is useful when you need it. At such times, you can enable catalog mode to avoid creating a negative image of your site.

Key Features of ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode

  • Customize the Add to Cart and Pricing button according to your needs
  • Exclude the Administrator from the catalog settings so that the site administration is not affected
  • Easy setup process to get you started right away
  • Hide Shopping Cart and Checkout pages to force customers to register before purchasing

Advantages and Disadvantages of ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Offers many premium-like features for free  –
2. Easy installation process for instant start
3. Has a great support team always ready
4. No technical background required to configure the plugin


We believe that these 6 plugins have the potential to provide an excellent customer experience by easily converting your store into catalog mode.

We hope this article has given you a lot of knowledge and experience. GourmetWoo the ones we recommend as a team:

  • WISDM Product Catalog Manager or
  • ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode or
  • Catalog for WooCommerce

These plugins will make a noticeable change to your site with all the basic functionality in the Free version with minimal setup and technical knowledge.

If you have a WooCommerce Catalog mode plugin to recommend, please specify in the comments

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