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10 Advantages of E-commerce Marketplace Integrations

10 Advantages of E-commerce Marketplace Integrations

E-commerce market and marketplace integration is on the rise. This is because; not only for new initiatives, but also selling existing products and services over the internet has become very attractive in this developing ecosystem.

The increasing market volume due to the events that develop every year (e.g. covid-19) has drawn all attention to e-commerce marketplace integration. Individuals/organizations can easily deliver their services or products to potential customers in many different segments.

In this article, I wanted to introduce the most recognized e-commerce marketplaces and talk about the advantages of the related integrations, especially for those who want to test the sale of products/services without incurring initial investment costs.

Most Used E-commerce Marketplaces in Turkey

1- Hepsiburada.com


It has an average of 85 million visitors per month. Unlike other marketplace sites, it sells products in most categories itself, which in my opinion increases its credibility. When you search for a product on the site, its own prices are listed first and then the prices of other sellers.

There is no store opening requirement on this site for multiple product sales. In addition to commission fees, 0.5 ₺ is charged for the products you list.

Komisyon ücreti diğer pazaryeri sitelerine göre daha yüksek olduğunu üzülerek belirtmeliyim. Şuanda satışlardan %6 ile %30 arasında değişen komisyon ücretleri alınıyor. Ayrıca özel günler için reklam ücreti site tarafından talep ediliyor.

Of course, you can get rid of these fees and build your own marketplace e-commerce marketplace integration you can easily put it into service.

iyzibazaar+ iyzico woocommerce marketplace


2- N11.com


Turkey's most prominent website with around 81 million visitors per month e-commerce marketplace The design of N11.com, which is among the sites, is completely made according to neuromarketing norms. There are also 2 different membership models for sellers and buyers.

N11.comThe most important feature that ensures the reliability of n11.com is that only stores with a commercial title can open an account. To open a store, you need to fill out the membership form on n11.com and upload the requested documents to the system. In the next step, n11.com, which does not charge any store opening fee, charges you a fee after offering you different packages for multiple product sales.

Çoklu ürün sunma ücretleri aylık olarak sizden tahsil edilmektedir. Bu tutar 8-800 ₺ arasında değişiyor. Şuanda N11’de komisyon oranları ise %5 ile %20 arasında değişiyor. Sattığınız ürünlerin ücreti 3 iş günü içerisinde hesabınıza gönderilir. N11 birçok kargo şirketi ile anlaşması olduğundan kargo maliyetlerinizi de düşürecektir.

3- Gittigidiyor.com


Gittigidiyor has 50 million monthly visitors and is the most well-known website in Turkey e-commerce marketplace is one of the sites. You can easily sell your products by opening a store or not.

While a maximum of 10 products can be sold without opening a store, an amount between 1 TL and 4 TL is requested from you as an additional fee for each product you display. But if you open a store, you can take advantage of the advantages offered by the site. Store opening fees can vary between 69 TL and 1399 TL per month.

Gittigidiyor da diğer e-ticaret pazaryeri siteleri gibi sattığınız her ürün için sizden komisyon kesiyor ve bu komisyon oranları %7 ile %25 arasında değişiyor.

4- Epttavm.com


A new but fast-emerging e-commerce marketplace compared to other e-commerce marketplace sites EpttAvm, It is seen to be more advantageous when compared to other sites. Although there are still 5 million visitors per month, this figure is increasing rapidly.

EpttAvm sizden hiçbir aylık üyelik ve mağaza açılış ücreti talep etmemekle birlikte dilediğiniz kadar ürün sergileme imkanı da sunar. Sattığınız tüm ürünler için komisyon ücreti almaktadır. Komisyon oranları %5 ile %15 arasında değişiyor.

It is a very attractive marketplace sales site due to its low commission fees and no store opening fee, no monthly fixed fee.

5- Trendyol


Trendyol is one of the most popular e-commerce marketplace sites with an average of 50 million visitors per month, but with the recent discount craze, I am sure the number of visitors is much higher.

Her kategoriye göre komisyon oranları değişiyor fakat genellikle %5 ile %30 arasında olduğunu biliyoruz.

What is E-commerce Marketplace Integration? 


For e-commerce products marketplace integrationallows you to list products, manage orders, dropshipping and invoice management. Connecting product data and inventory to marketplaces in real-time is crucial for seamless customer experiences with your products wherever they are. 

Why Do You Need E-commerce Marketplace Integration?

With a good marketplace integration, you ensure that your product data is properly structured and optimized, meeting all the requirements for each online marketplace.

Optimized Product Data: It ensures the right products are in the right categories with titles, descriptions and other features that maximize conversions.

Processing and Billing Success: A poorly integrated e-commerce marketplace sitecan cause problems with your accounting and invoicing. On the contrary, a good marketplace integration with Marketplace Integration, it handles these details before they become a problem, so you can focus less on the logistics of marketplace integration and more on marketing and selling your products.

Popular WordPress Marketplace Plugins


As you know, you need the WooCommerce plugin to do e-commerce with WordPress. WooCommerce plugin comes with direct sales and single seller sales system as default usage. In order to set up a multi-user sales system with WooCommerce, you need to use at least one of the plugins mentioned below. Our favorite with its support and interface WCFM'. 

Advantages of Marketplace Integration

Marketplace integrationAnother advantage of using the Internet is that when you set your sights overseas, you have the infrastructure in place and ready to go. Entering the overseas market can be difficult, but advertising for global sales can be much more difficult. Therefore, by utilizing a marketplace that already has a large global base, such as Amazon, eBay and play.com, you can reach your site to the overseas market.

Access to a Broad Market Base

Offer tremendous opportunity and a huge market base with access to millions of customers worldwide.

Business Intelligence Driven Marketing

Big data and deep learning based algorithm to create smart marketing and business promotion campaigns

User Friendly Customer Experience

Offer easy-to-use interfaces and dashboard with centralized operations from sourcing to transportation.

Accounting and Finance

Efficient and effective processing of processes including PO Management, Inventory Valuation, Reorder and Payments, Sales Order Portability and others.

Data Management

Effective data management for faster and automated data management.

Overall Profit Maximization

The opportunity to sell your products and services in more than 50 markets worldwide.

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