Membership Agreement

This Membership Agreement "" the website accessed from the domain name and the services provided in connection with this website and its content any other kind of application, mobile application, website and other content (All of them together will be referred to as "Gurmehub" for short. Where necessary, the term "Gurmehub" also refers to the site management and site& nbsp;also used in the meaning of operator/owner) before starting to benefit as a service/product receiving Member please read carefully.
As a 'Member' by completing the membership account creation phase on Gurmehub you have accepted the following articles without any limitation and exception. In the Membership Agreement& If you do not accept the terms and conditions without any limitations, exceptions and objections, you may withdraw from Gurmehub as a Member. You shall not benefit from and shall not be liable for any kind of content connected to the relevant application, site or Gurmehub. you must exit immediately and/or terminate your access to them.

This Agreement is made by Gurmehub It has been arranged between the person who owns and operates and the person who is a Member in Gurmehub and below& nbsp;mutual rights and responsibilities for the use of Gurmehub within the conditions shown by being approved electronically as a result of being read and understood digitally by the Member for the purpose of determining& has entered into force.
2.1 User(s): Gurmehub and/or any accesses, visits and/or accesses the database by any means, offline or online refers to any person who engages in transactions within their framework.
2.2 Member(s): Gurmehub By completing the membership process defined on the website as a result of the approval given electronically benefiting from and accessing electronic content, applications and other services offered by accepts specially prepared contracts with the electronic approval given during the membership process person(s) are referred to as Member or Service Receiver in this Agreement. In addition to standard membership& Membership options with advanced or higher level authorizations will also be available on Gurmehub over time. nbsp;may receive, necessary explanations about them are provided in this Agreement and other screens and texts has been/will be done. Members who are suppliers are referred to as "SupplierMember" or "Service Provider" they are referred to as.
2.3 Link/Link: From Gurmehub to another mobile app, website, access to the content or Gurmehub from another website or mobile application that make it possible to make a connection of any kind.
2.4 Content: Published on Gurmehub or& any kind of content, question, answer, comment, information, text, file, image, video that can be accessed, express all visual, literary and auditory images such as tables, presentations, expressions, writing, calculations, figures, etc. is in progress.

2.5 Username: The profile name assigned to members when they log in to Gurmehub.

2.6 Gurmehub: Gurmehub is a (digital) platform only (as a whole in the form of a website and/or mobile application) and only, Gurmehub or , site/ is not the owner or provider of the offers/products/services listed/offered on the application, unless specifically stated otherwise. dated August 26, 2015 and According to Article 6/4 of the Regulation on Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers in Electronic Commerce published in the Official Gazette No. 29457, Gurmehub is an intermediary service provider and is responsible for controlling the content provided by natural and legal persons using the electronic media to which it provides services, controlling this content and the content subject to it is not obliged to investigate whether there is an unlawful activity or situation related to the goods or services.

3. Subject of the Contract

3. 1 The subject matter of this Agreement is the content and services of all kinds offered on Gurmehub, the terms of utilization thereof and the parties' mutual rights and determination of obligations.

3.2 To use the scope of this Agreement, the Agreement or any information contained in Gurmehub, It constitutes all statements such as all warnings, writings and explanations made by the Members to the Members regarding membership and services.

3.3 Members, within the framework of the provisions of this Agreement, all kinds of other explanations and disclosures on Gurmehub regarding the use, membership and services. They also declare and undertake that they have accepted the information.

3.4 From any content made available by you through Gurmehub everyone who benefits from and/or becomes a member of Gurmehub is informed about the obligations in this Agreement, and that they are aware of these and all other obligations on Gurmehub. accept, declare and undertake that it will act in full compliance with all matters specified in other information and explanations and also with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey is in progress.


4. Rights and Obligations of Members

4.1 Basic membership of Gurmehub is free of charge unless otherwise stated, but membership It cannot be lent, rented, rented, sold, made available, left or transferred to anyone else. use in any manner and under any circumstances. Attempts in this direction will be a breach of the Agreement, as well as unauthorized unauthorized use that may arise due to such behavior. is in no way responsible for any use and damages. The Member may not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred by the Member in connection with the use or transfer of his/her membership to another person. Member's membership may be immediately and definitively canceled.

4.2 Any person who is at least 18 years of age and has the power of appeal The person may gain the status of Member as a result of Gurmehub's acceptance by filling in the information requested in the relevant membership creation forms / screens correctly and completely and by approving the terms of this Agreement.

4.3 Documents, including but not limited to invoices, receipts, invoices, receipts that must be provided at the end of the service/sales Without limitation, it is the responsibility of the supplier member to deliver all other documents within the legal legislation to the Member receiving the service/product together with the performance of the service. Gurmehub has no responsibility for the provision of such documents.

4.4 For access to the system and all membership-related Since the e-mail address provided when registering to the system will be taken as the basis for correspondence, the e-mail address entered for membership is a working e-mail address that belongs to the member and is in use. address is mandatory.

4.5 Gurmehub's members must protect their usernames and passwords that they use in order to benefit from the services offered and to store it securely. The responsibility for determining and protecting the password lies solely and exclusively with the relevant Member. The password and user name no liability whatsoever, directly and/or indirectly, for any problems and damages that may arise due to any third party's possession in any way whatsoever is not responsible.

4.6 In any service or content area within Gurmehub, personal and private information that is more and different than required for membership Providing information is entirely at the initiative of the Members and is in no way responsible for any problems and damages that may arise due to such behavior.

4.7 Members, publishing right, copyright, patent right, utility model right, design right, know-how right, trademark right, trademark right belonging to Members or to another person or any other information, software or other content whose proprietary or other proprietary or other rights of any kind are protected by applicable legislation They may not transmit or share on Gurmehub without permission from the person(s) holding the rights. is in no way liable for any damages.

4.8 The Member may use any visual, literary and audiovisual images of any kind found within Gurmehub, files, databases, catalogs, listings, proposals, requests, questions and answers, explanations, figures, tables, comments, and all kinds of reproduce the information and contents and/or in a manner that would constitute an infringement of the real or personal rights or assets of a third party, shall not copy, distribute, process, and shall not allow third parties to suffer any damages caused by its activities carried out in violation of this article and the law. accepts and undertakes in advance that the Company shall not be held directly and/or indirectly liable in any way whatsoever for any damages that they may incur.

4. 9 The Member shall not directly and/or indirectly compete with the Member and shall not be liable for any damages arising from its activities carried out in violation of the provisions of this article and the law. accepts that 's cannot be held responsible in any way, directly or indirectly, for any damages suffered or may be suffered by third parties and is committed.

4.10 The Member shall not engage in activities that will lead to unfair competition on Gurmehub, and shall not engage in personal and commercial activities of Gurmehub and/or third parties. accept, declare and undertake that he/she will not perform acts that will discredit his/her reputation or infringe and/or attack his/her personal rights.

4.11 Members, to benefit from any content/product/goods/services that supplier members may have opened/offered for sale or demand on Gurmehub Members are in no way responsible for defects in the goods and services they have received, Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and related agree and declare that they hereby release and discharge the Company from any and all liability which may be attributable to the Company under the provisions of the legislation.

4.12 Member, shall be responsible for any losses, claims and all kinds of accusations, legal and criminal liabilities that may arise in case of violation of this Agreement 's, its branches, officers, agents, representatives and all other employees to compensate for any damages that may arise from the breach agrees to cover all of its direct and indirect damages.

4.13 Where required by the provisions of the applicable legislation of the Member; official In the event that information disclosure is duly requested by the authorities, the confidential/private/commercial information of the Members is provided to the official authorities as permitted by the legislation. shall be authorized to disclose to the extent and in such a manner and therefore, as a result of the occurrence of such circumstances, under any circumstances whatsoever and that it shall also indemnify and hold harmless the third parties, including other members, from any damages that may be claimed from it as a result of its own conduct. or that 's shall have recourse to him/her for any and all claims for compensation.

4.14 Member, on Gurmehub that it can only act for lawful purposes and that the legal and criminal responsibility for every transaction and action it takes belongs to itself and only itself accepts, declares and undertakes that it knows.

4.15 The Member shall be entitled to access the products/services, tables, descriptions, comparisons, requests, offers, requests, offers accessed by him/her on Gurmehub, the accuracy, safety and lawfulness of the form, text, comment, video, article and all other similar content is under no circumstances guaranteed by and agrees, declares and undertakes that it will not claim any compensation from 's for such content.

4.16 Member, via Gurmehub services and content provided by third parties within all accessible content and/or content created by other Members 's, its employees, managers and the institutions and persons with whom 's cooperates are not responsible under any form and condition accepts, declares and undertakes that it knows.

4.17 Member, the services offered within Gurmehub and any content accessed through Gurmehub reserves the right to change its policies and procedures at any time, in any manner and under any conditions, and reserves the right to exercise this right immediately and without notice accepts, declares and undertakes that it knows that it can be used.

4.18 Within the scope of other digital services offered by the Member, the Members in the event that any breach or action is detected that would be considered to be in breach of the conditions of use or this Agreement his/her account may be frozen, in which case he/she may not be able to log back into Gurmehub and any payments he/she has made up to that point, if any, or any payments he/she has made on Gurmehub any in-app power, discount, promotion, campaign inclusion or currency or any other digital denomination, value or feature declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she cannot demand its return to him/her under any condition and procedure.

4.19 Member, whether in an act related to this Agreement, any damage, error, defect, interruption, failure to file, whether arising in any tort (including, but not limited to, negligence) or reliance deletion, introduction of viruses, processing or transmission delays or similar causes or communication failures, theft, destruction or damage to 's records, including, but not limited to, damages for any failure to perform resulting from unauthorized access to its programs or services including, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of profit or loss of data arising out of the use of Gurmehub for any direct, special or consequential damages or any other damages whatsoever; or any of its directors, officers, directors, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, employees or declares, accepts and undertakes that it will not hold its representatives responsible in any way.

4.20 Member's use or inability to use Gurmehub the Member's total indemnification liability arising in respect of the service in excess of any provision, if any, paid by the Member for the service concerned. that it cannot be, declares, accepts and undertakes.

4.21 When the Member is redirected from Gurmehub to another application or site, in these channels damage, loss of data, malicious program infection and malicious program infection that may occur as a result of the content it displays or the content of the servers it accesses, accessing/storing/downloading and including, but not limited to, all virus intrusion, damage, loss of material damages that may occur, owners, partners, employees and affiliated employees declares, accepts and undertakes that it knows that institutions and persons are not responsible.

4.22 The Member agrees that if Gurmehub updates the most recent the version can be automatically installed or pre-installed on your computer or digital device, and any controls and routines required for this software without any prior notification to be made by him/her, he/she accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she allows the use of his/her software.

4.23 While using the Member's services and Gurmehub, the Member may use hacktivebytes to block unauthorized third-party programs that run concurrently with Gurmehub. is aware that control software can also control the randomly accessible memory (RAM) and/or central processing unit operations of digital devices and is allowed to do so accepts and declares that he/she has given You agree to indemnify, defend, hold harmless and hold us harmless from and against any loss or damage of any kind arising out of or relating to the control software, hacking, etc. cannot be held liable directly or indirectly even if it has been informed of the damages.

4.24 Without limiting the foregoing responsibilities, and In addition, Gurmehub accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not perform any of the following behaviors on Gurmehub:

a. Any any person or entity, including an officer, other member, supplier, moderator, moderator, administrator, administrator, guide, manager, employee or agent impersonate or misrepresent or misrepresent its relationship with a person or business;

b. through other applications/sites/content belonging to modify headers or otherwise alter identities in any way to disguise the origin of any message/content or other content that has been moved;

c. Any unsolicited advertising, promotional material, junk mail, spam, chain e-mail, pyramid schemes or any other form of upload, notify, e-mail, forward or in any way make the request visible;

d. interfere with or disrupt the services of Gurmehub or fail to comply with the requests, methods, policies or regulations of the networks connected to Gurmehub;

e. Threatening anyone or making any to inconvenience someone in any way;

f. Unlawfully collect, store, disclose or otherwise unlawfully collect, store, disclose or transmit any data about Other Members or any to spread the word;

g. The normal flow of the services offered on Gurmehub and any other digital content, which may take place on Gurmehub obstructing or disrupting dialogues in interactive areas or using vulgar, offensive language, excessive shouting/loud yelling (all capital letters), "spamming" or using any disruptive or damaging methods to harass other users or employees;

h. Any engage in or encourage or support illegal conduct or conduct in violation of this Agreement;

i. Other Members or exhibiting any behavior that may deceive users, special content/special currencies/digital denominations and similar items earned during the use of Gurmehub defraud or in any way deceive other Members about other extras in the situation;

j. Possible promotions on Gurmehub, use or cheat on or through discounts, campaigns or unauthorized operations in connection therewith;

k. Gurmehub unauthorized use or exploit any bugs, errors or design flaws to gain access to or unfair advantage over other Members;

l. Trade or sell any kind of special content and products, Gurmehub-specific currencies or other virtual denominations, powers and other things, auction or in any other way transmit and/or market.

m. Interrupt the Service or allow Members to use the entire Gurmehub or any of its content/services exhibit any behavior that would prevent or impair their use of any part of it.

4.25 any of the terms in this Agreement or any it deems necessary, without prior notice or warning, to punish the violation of other unlawful or improper conduct or to dissuade the persons concerned from such violation may impose penalties and take legal action in any way. Deciding that a breach has occurred and determining who is responsible for that breach The Member agrees in advance to be bound by 's decision as to whether a breach has occurred and the penalty to be imposed. accepts, declares and undertakes.

4.26 The Member, as long as its membership continues, while benefiting from Gurmehub's services and / or any other services and content while performing the transaction, you shall comply with all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, as well as the information notes and information provided in Gurmehub. documents and all applicable legislation, and agrees that it understands and accepts all the rules set forth in this Agreement, declares and undertakes.

4.27 The Member, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, persons whose membership has previously been canceled must have completed the membership registration process and / or accept, declare and undertake that they know, understand and approve that their acceptance of this Agreement will not entitle them to the title of Member under any circumstances.

4. 28 Members can access their user accounts on Gurmehub by debit card, credit card or similar payment instrument using online payment systems to their user accounts on Gurmehub. They can make a preliminary balance load for the brokerage and other services they will receive over the card. The card may be used illegally by someone other than the bearer In case of use of the Bank Cards and Credit Cards Law dated 23.02.2006 and numbered 5464 and published in the Official Gazette dated 10.03.2007 and numbered 26458 The provisions of the Regulation on Cards and Credit Cards shall be applied. 

4.29 Receipt/voucher for goods/services when using an online payment system invoice or other documents required to be issued, the Supplier Member providing the relevant service if they are obliged to issue them in accordance with the relevant legislation shall be issued by Gurmehub. Invoice/receipt or other documents related to the service in question cannot be requested from Gurmehub and Gurmehub shall only invoices to the relevant member for the services it provides, such as requesting comparative bids, bidding, commission from the total cost before discovery is obliged to cut it.

4.30 Any administrative, legal and criminal liability that may arise due to the failure of the Members to comply with the terms of this Agreement shall personally be borne by the relevant Member. Belongs to.

4.31 The Servicer's offer for the service request may be accepted by the Member who will receive the service. The Service Recipient may only submit one the supplier may accept the member's offer. Acceptance of the offer means that the relevant service shall be provided at the time and place agreed by the supplier to provide the service, in accordance with the contents of the offer. and that it will be performed in accordance with the discovery to be made and a legally binding agreement to pay the service provider if the service is provided by the Supplier Member it means that a pre-agreement has been made.

4.32 In the contract(s) made/to be made by the Member with the service provider, Gurmehub shall in no way accepts that it is not a party to the subject contract and that it is not liable.

4.33 To the extent permitted under the legislation of credit card information provided that it can be stored in the payment institution system(s) contracted by Gurmehub, or in the Gurmehub system with the "first 6 last 4 digits", and/or the system Gurmehubs is not responsible for any disruptions that may occur in the contracted payment institution system.

4. 34. The Member shall take all necessary measures regarding occupational safety and occupational health during or for the performance of the work related to the service received from the Service Provider Member and that the responsibility for receiving the necessary trainings on this subject lies with the Service provider supplier member itself and its personnel, and that the responsibilities in this regard are Gurmehub does not belong to the Company.

4.35 The service member shall not be liable for any material or immaterial damages, except in cases where Gurmehub is personally and solely at fault. Gurmehubya shall not apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committees and / or Consumer Courts for and/or defective goods / defective service. Service/ The Member who buys products agrees that he/she will show the Supplier Member as the Service Provider supplier in such applications regarding the products and services he/she receives from the suppliers.

4.36 The ServicePurchaser may, without Gurmehub's knowledge, without Gurmehub's knowledge in relation to a service request created through Gurmehub, use Gurmehub outside to give up, to agree to a lower price, or to pay a commission or other form of commission or other form of brokerage and other services that Gurmehub provides to Gurmehub by the supplier member or itself. will not contact the Service Provider in any way other than Gurmehub in order not to pay the fees that he / she should / may pay for the services.

4.37 In order for some services to be priced accurately by the Service Provider supplier member, the Service User Member may request the service to be provided or the service to be rendered by the Service Provider supplier member. access by the Service Provider or its personnel to the place to be explored, taking measurements for exploration or taking photographs/videos of the place, and to allow them to be transferred between the parties and uploaded to the system, and if this permission depends on someone else, to provide this permission.

4.38 Some services may require permission from authorities or building managers. Or some services may be restricted to certain days and hours. may be performed on a contingent basis. The Service Recipient agrees to provide the necessary permissions and to receive services only for the prescribed days and hours.

4.39 The Member may only provide Gurmehub with its own service commission (calculated on the total project value) or by itself, such as through a comparative bidding facility. accepts and declares that it is obliged to invoice the Service Receiver regarding the services provided.

4.40 The Service Recipient is the household to which the service will be provided, have taken all precautions regarding occupational safety and health in offices, buildings, gardens, warehouses, schools, factories and all kinds of facilities.

4.41 ServiceArea Members accepted pay the service fees for their offers directly to the Service Provider supplier member after the service is rendered. These Members in the service recipient status/ Users must request the invoice, sales receipt or delivery note of the price they have paid from the supplier member / service provider. Service Recipients must provide the Service Provider with a written must enter into a contract, and if a prepayment or advance payment is to be made, it must be documented or receipted and kept.


5. 's Rights and Responsibilities

5.1 Applications not owned or used by Gurmehub, owned and / or managed by third parties and / or may contain links to content/sites. 's has no control over, correction or modification of such linked outsourced links. has no authority or responsibility and assumes no responsibility for the content or privacy policies of third parties. This on Gurmehub the existence of such connections, other applications/contents/services/sites belonging to 3rd parties other than Gurmehub and other applications/contents/services/sites belonging to Gurmehub and/or or that the content of such other applications/pages/services/links managed and/or administered by 3rd parties are controlled by does not show.

5.2 , may link to or promote or promote through banners and similar technical means, organizations/applications/ is in no way responsible for any content of the pages/services/websites/brands/companies. Accessible from these links does not assume any responsibility for the content. It is not responsible for any damages arising from the transactions to be made in these external resources / resources accessed. and Members accept and declare that they are responsible when they access these links.

5.3 Sent to Gurmehub or Gurmehub all kinds of content, products, offers, demands, services, goods, questions, answers, comments, pictures, videos, audio files, tables, presentations, messages, etc. shared on/through Such files must comply with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and general morality. No legal and criminal penalties may be imposed for such content submitted by members. cannot be held responsible. Products, services, offers, figures, tables, files, questions, answers, comments, information sent/uploaded/listed by members, sentences, answers, comments or other content constitutes any criminal offense or cause for compensation, the responsible person is the sender/uploader/presenter/ of the relevant content. will be the listing member. where all types of content, offers, requests, products, services, questions, files, answers and comments are posted/uploaded/listed time information (day, hour) and IP number information are recorded for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years within the framework of the relevant legislation, Law No. 5651 It's being taken.

5.4 has the right to cancel membership at any time without any warning.

5.5 Uploaded to Gurmehub/ no action can be taken based on the content of the products, services, offers, files, questions, answers, comments, other files sent cannot be held legally and criminally responsible for the application. Material or immaterial; indirect or direct victimization and damages that may arise from these and affiliated persons and organizations cannot be held responsible.

5.6 The personal name-surname, e-mail address and any information to identify the Member Personal information is considered "Confidential Information" and is processed, protected and destroyed in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. Unless otherwise stated, , will not disclose any of the personal information to companies and third parties with which 's is not in cooperation.

5.7 undertakes to take all necessary measures to keep personal information confidential. Although Gurmehub has taken the necessary measures, Gurmehub in the event that personal information is damaged as a result of any kind of internal or external hacking/leakage or if this information is obtained by third parties has no liability whatsoever. The Member accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that he/she will not hold 's responsible for such damages.

5.8 , is not responsible for any interruption and/or disruption of the service. Due to technical difficulties, errors or interruptions in the content offered by can be. telephone and networking, online systems, service providers, GSM operators, internet providers, infrastructure companies, computer arising from technical issues such as equipment and software, interference in internet traffic, installing software that may harm members or any person cannot be held responsible for any failure under any form or condition.

5.9 in relation to communication between members of any type on the site any error, omission, interruption, deletion, erasure, corruption or delay in transmission or failure of the system or communication network, its partners, employees, such damage and shall not be liable in any manner and under any circumstances, even if they have been informed of the possibility of loss or damage.

5.10 Members, on Gurmehub or in its content They can use the language of their choice when writing or speaking among themselves in any area within the digital services. Members are welcome to use any language It is not legally or criminally responsible for what it writes in any form and under any circumstances and all responsibility lies with the parties to the relevant correspondence.

5.11 shall in no way be liable for any loss, loss of revenue or any special damages arising out of or in any way related to any of its applications or content, directly or indirectly. or indirectly liable. The aforementioned limitations do not arise from the fact that 's has been informed of such damages before and/or afterwards.

5.12 , other message or chat facilities that may be available on Gurmehub, as well as other digital services/content on Gurmehub or within it may monitor and record other electronic communications transmitted or received through it. Members shall not be subject to such inspection and recording, unconditionally from the beginning of their membership.

5.13 All kinds of possible possible commercial transactions and other information on Gurmehub, Gurmehub's software, database, calculations, servers and any other elements, including but not limited to cannot be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from its use.

5.14 , Ensuring that information circulating between members remains secure and shall not be liable for any loss or consequence arising from the improper use of such information. Members, 's application/on-site feature/special currency/promotion/campaign/special application or other extra item(s)/share(s) on Gurmehub value and similarly named extras, and shall not be liable for the loss of any in-app items, services, or other in-app extras for Members. It does not guarantee the accessibility of levels indicating hierarchy or superiority, such as rank, rank superiority, special category, etc.

5.15 reserves the right to use public member profiles and photographs, logos, titles and other information (if any) attached to these profiles in public areas.

5.16 Attempts to reverse engineer the communication between Gurmehub's software and, if any, between the application and its servers, eavesdropping, modification, redirection to other servers, unfair operation of application servers in a similar way on other servers (emulation) are subject to this Agreement. is against the law. It reserves the right to initiate all kinds of legal proceedings against persons and institutions engaged in such activities.

5.17 All mutual correspondence that may take place in chat areas, forums and in general within Gurmehub, which belongs to Gurmehub advertising, terrorism and terrorist organizations, Atatürk, flag, republic, state, religion, racism, drugs, politicians or other legal entities correspondence, pornographic content, the use of slang and swear words, and any other form of harassment of users and members / third parties / administrators behaviors are against the rules specified in this Agreement. Users/members who engage in such behavior may be temporarily and/or access to all or part of Gurmehub may be blocked or restricted permanently.

5.18 , Service offered in Gurmehub reserves the right to change the content at any time without notice and without prior warning. Members, new changes As a result, if there are any changes and/or corrections requested from them within the framework of their membership, they are obliged to fulfill them promptly. The amendment and/or correction requests requested in this way by the Company may also be made by the Company itself if deemed necessary. damages that arise or may arise due to the failure of the Members to fulfill the requests for changes and/or corrections on time or at all, legal and Criminal liabilities are entirely the responsibility of the Members themselves.

5.19 All kinds of products, services, goods, information, tables, files, calculations accessed through Gurmehub, offer, request, question, answer, comment, picture, image, image, text, photo, video and other material/content, and other materials/content without the permission of the owners of such content It cannot be published on websites, mobile applications and conventional media such as newspapers, television, radio, magazines. All content on Gurmehub, Article 4/7 of the {Law No. 4856 on Intellectual and Artistic Works}, which states that "data and works of art that are created according to a specific purpose and within a specific plan and databases resulting from the selection and compilation of materials and in a readable or other format by means of a device", Content such as other software etc. of an essential nature is also subject to legal protection.

5.20 Other types of content accessed and/or viewed through Gurmehub It is forbidden to withdraw information intensively for the purpose of obtaining information. Any person who intensively withdraws information from Gurmehub systems/databases/servers in violation of this prohibition to the Chief Public Prosecutor's Offices in order to punish them under the relevant articles of the Turkish Penal Code on information crimes a criminal complaint can be filed.

5.21 Copying the content published through Gurmehub and Gurmehub's interface without the written consent of Gurmehub, reproduction, transmission, processing and display in other applications/internet sites or other media is prohibited.

5.22 database and this The information contained in the database cannot be copied, transferred to other databases and transferred from these databases, even in whole or in part, without the consent of cannot be made accessible and used by third parties.

5.23 Gurmehub temporarily suspends the operation of the site/application/database/servers/system or suspend the system completely. Members do not pay any usage fee to Gurmehub for standard use and shall not make any claim against Gurmehub for suspension or suspension of the system.

5.24 Gurmehub or its cooperating payment the organization may temporarily suspend the ability to make online payments by credit card for the relevant persons due to member transactions that raise security concerns or may stop completely. For this reason, Gurmehub has no liability to the Members or 3rd parties.

5.25 Gurmehub or business the payment institution has the right to question the limit adequacy of the guest's access to the online payment system before approval at any step.

5. 26 In case of any dispute between users/members of any kind regarding the infringement of intellectual or industrial rights, Gurmehub shall be entitled to is obliged to take action pursuant to a final and enforceable court order. In other cases, Gurmehub may, at its discretion, take action or he'd rather not.

5.27 Comments/evaluations received from Users/Members regarding the suppliers providing services, by Gurmehub After the necessary approval, control and correction to be made, it can be published in a way that all users can see. Gurmehub may correct, sort and sort the comments in question. or whether or not to publish it. Gurmehub, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently, at any time, with or without prior notice. reserves the right to modify or terminate this Agreement.

5.28 At any time on its own initiative in order to protect the integrity of Gurmehub, block or limit the access of certain users/members and persons with certain IP addresses to Gurmehub or date/time/function in the sense that it can restrict.

5.29 Any content uploaded to Gurmehub is subject to civil and criminal liability under Article 4 of Law No. 5651. the uploader is responsible for the content.

5.30 Gurmehub reserves the right to make some or all of the Services free or paid in the future. Some The pricing and commission policy for services may vary from time to time depending on the number, intensity or quantity of services purchased or offered.

5.31 Gurmehub may, if it wishes, use SMS, e-mail or other technical means to verify Members' e-mail address, mobile phone number and other information can use it.

5.32 , in the event that any person is found to be in breach of this Agreement or, to the extent required by the circumstances, for any reason whatsoever without having to show that member from using Gurmehub and/or access to membership rights, may suspend membership, temporarily suspend the use of can stop it.

5.33 E-invoice and e-archive invoice applications in Gurmehub in accordance with the legal regulation introduced by the Revenue Administration is realized. For users/members who are not e-invoice users, archive invoices will be created electronically and stored electronically. will be made. Notification regarding the invoices created electronically will be made to the e-mail addresses of the relevant user/member within 7 days at the latest and Invoices will be sent via e-mail in PDF format. Invoices created electronically will be considered as authentic documents by all official authorities and authorities. can be used.


6. Special Content

6.1 some extra site/app items and/or campaign/promotion on Gurmehub may make charges for obtaining or accessing participation in or access to special activities, such as may allow the purchase of Gurmehub's internal currency offered under sairad.

6.2 , available on Gurmehub and through the app content, unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, except for the standard Membership, which is basically stated in this Agreement, purchased in return for a certain fee or condition and standard may provide specialized membership services with more rights than members, or may provide standard members with access to certain specialized content and services may provide differentiated and enriched content/service free of charge or for a fixed or set fee to be specified in the relevant areas/pages. In order to make such payments, if purchased in the special currency/value available in Gurmehub, if currently in effect These can be used, as well as other payment methods offered on the relevant pages/areas, such as credit card.

6.3 On Gurmehub the information provided by the Member shall be deemed correct when collecting fees of any kind, and the information arising from banks or other payment intermediaries shall be deemed correct. cannot be held responsible for disputes, damages and problems. If for any reason the relevant payment amount is not paid or the bank/payment intermediary in case there is a payment canceled from the records, special currency/special content and other bidding to Gurmehub regarding this and similar purchased feature will be removed from the Member's account or the account will be disassociated from them. In such circumstances, any direct or indirect liability of It does not exist.

6.4 After the payment made for any content/service, the payment is collected after the results related to this are transferred to the Member's account any third parties that the credit card or mobile phone or other means used by the Member has been used unfairly or unauthorizedly by the Member notification is made and proved, the relevant person shall be liable for any direct and/or indirect damages incurred as a result of the unfair payment. member will be forced.

6.5 Incomplete, incorrect or incompatible services/content that may be purchased through Gurmehub In the event that the written notifications to be made by the members to the e-mail address [email protected] are examined within 7 (seven) days and the relevant notification is justified in the event that the service/content fee is paid to the membership account of the notification owner as special site/application in-site power/money or directly to the account via the relevant payment instrument or refunded to the credit card.

6.6 Special Members or standard Members accessing special content/services may also at any time access the relevant They are equally obliged to comply with all obligations set out in the Articles for Members to comply with. Any Member whose right to use is restricted or special Members who have been blocked in their entirety or who have purchased special content or otherwise received special power/campaign designation/promotional benefits and other extras Members will not be refunded.

6.7 When attempting to log in to Gurmehub, depending on the number of active users at the time, this request will always be may not be covered. In such cases, 's has no direct or indirect liability or obligation for compensation.

6.8 Gurmehub in-house special currency, campaign points or any other site/application specific value has no real monetary value and payments made in this context are made in cash At any time, you may change your fees, charging methods and in-app/on-site powers, campaigns, currencies, ranks, points or any other terms and conditions applicable to any sale on Gurmehub may be corrected, amended or supplemented. Such corrections, changes, additions or terms of sale shall be effective immediately upon notification within Gurmehub and shall become an integral part of this Agreement they will come.

6.9 In the event that the Member requests a refund from the Member and the Member deems this request unfair and brings the matter to court; Member reimbursement, legal fees and costs, damages, lost wages due to non-work and reimbursement fees if the claim is declared invalid by the court agrees to pay all fees and expenses incurred from the discussed refund, including but not limited to.


7. Privacy

7.1 All information entered into the Member's system and Gurmehub shall be accessed only by the Member, with the following exceptions can be accessed by the Member and only the Member can change this information.

7.2 , Customized campaigns and/or content for Members may request some personal information in order to be able to produce and present such information to third parties without the Members' knowledge or instruction to the contrary. share and sell for any non-operational reason.

7.3 In connection with the services and products offered by new products/services, promotions, campaigns and similar purposes to Members by third parties or businesses that cooperate with them in this sense information and promotions via e-mail and/or SMS may be made within the knowledge and acceptance of the Member. Members shall be entitled to receive e-mails and SMS consent within the scope of the relevant legislation so that their notifications or promotions do not constitute a violation of their personal data, offensive advertising and marketing In the event that they do so, they agree that it will be done with their consent and assent.

7.4 Intellectual property rights to the data generated by the use of Gurmehub has. may use such information to create reports containing demographic information without disclosing information about users, or may use such information to Gurmehub may use the reports or reports itself or may share these reports and/or statistics with its business partners and third parties with or without charge. Gurmehub may also analyze all Member movements and preferences that it monitors during the use of Gurmehub. This statistical data, which does not contain personal information, is provided to its Members may be shared with 's business partners in order to provide a more customized and effective multiple. The data provided by members may be anonymized and/or statistically can be used for the purpose of obtaining results. These transactions do not contradict the provisions of Gurmehub's privacy and personal data protection policy.

7.5 Gurmehub may notify users of promotions and new services or projects or news via e-mail or push notification. If users do not want to receive such e-mails, they can send a written notification to [email protected] or send a commercial communication to may stop receiving such notifications through the channel.

7.6 By means of member information or other technical files and application cookies To disclose information obtained from the members to the official authorities only if duly requested by the official authorities and in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force may only be disclosed to the public authorities in cases where it is necessary to do so, subject to the requirements of the subject matter of the request.

7.7 or Gurmehub's in the event of an acquisition by another company or a merger/acquisition of a company, or in the event that all or part of the assets of the company are transferred to another company In the event of lease or sale; Members' information may also be transferred to the new company or companies as part of the company assets.

7.8 During access to Gurmehub and the services/content therein, the digital/mobile devices used by the Members, details of the network they connect to, user name, The sites they visit, the applications they use and the information needed by them, including but not limited to this, can also be obtained. Members hereby agree that By accepting the agreement, they allow the necessary information to be shared with them without further notification. This information allows Gurmehub to use to analyze and improve.

7.9 the success of possible advertisements on Gurmehub for their own purposes to be able to show customized advertisements/campaigns/promotions/links/services/source content with cookies and tags or these and similar technologies to measure the rate for the sake of

7.10 Members' personal information is stored at industry standard security levels. This information includes, but is not limited to and is used for statistical purposes. Members agree in advance that any information they enter may be withheld from the database. Although this Although the information will not be provided to third parties, we cannot be held responsible if for any reason this information falls into the hands of third parties.


8. UserContent

8.1 The information placed/submitted/submitted to Gurmehub by/through/in the knowledge of/by/Suppliers or Members products, services, listings, offers, requests, questions, answers, pictures, messages and all other digital content listed/posted as "User Content" public and non-confidential, unless otherwise stated and unless it is private to another member.

8.2 Members are authorized to use all intellectual property within Gurmehub property rights in all kinds of media in an unlimited and indefinite manner and without any notification to the Members and in return provide you with full and unrestricted license and authorization for the unrestricted use, dissemination or exploitation of such User Content in any form, commercial or otherwise, without limitation, to use, disseminate or exploit such User Content in any manner whatsoever. accept, declare and undertake that they will be the exclusive right holder.

8.3 Members shall not upload any of the following on Gurmehub, transmit, distribute, distribute, store, create, or in any way use Gurmehub or any other services that may be included in its content/ and otherwise accept full and sole responsibility for their own actions:

a. Illegal, slander offensive, defamatory, explicit, pornographic, vulgar, vulgar, inflammatory, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy and publicity rights, obscene, inflammatory, User Content that may be falsified or challenged in any way;

b. An offense is an offense committed to violate the rights of any person or to create liability or User Content that contains, promotes or creates commands to violate any local, state, national or international law;

c. User Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or intellectual property or proprietary right of any person;

d. User Content that impersonates any person or business or misrepresents your relationship with a person or business;

e. Unsolicited evidence, political campaigns, advertisements or solicitations;

f. Addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, Turkish ID numbers and credit confidential personal data of any third party, including, but not limited to, card numbers;

g. Viruses, corrupted data or other malware, blocking and destroying files;

h. Any restriction or prohibition that prevents or prohibits any other person from using Gurmehub or from benefiting from its content, or or User Content that may cause harm or liability of any kind to its Members.

8.4 No User Content for any User Content shall not be liable for any loss or damage and shall not be liable for any error, defamation, libel, slander, defamation, negligence, fraud, defect, pornographic The use of all message areas is at the Members' own risk. By Members, in any area is not responsible for any statements, questions, answers, comments, descriptions, listings, information or other User Content provided by Gurmehub. There is no obligation to view, correct or audit any UserContent transmitted by Members within the application.

8.5 Members,(a) that they own and control all rights to the User Content they transmit or that they have the right not to transmit such User Content to Gurmehub (b) the User Content is not misleading; and (c) the use and transmission of the User Content they provide does not violate the terms of this Agreement; and will not infringe or damage the rights of any person or entity. They shall not be liable for any infringement of such rights or the Member is solely responsible for license/license provisions, fees, damages and compensation caused by other damages arising from the User Content provided by the Member will be.

8.6 The Member agrees that the accounts, content, items, funds, values, ranks, shares, special powers within Gurmehub, campaign memberships, promotional definitions and other extra points, in-app special currency, virtual currency products or site/in-app does not own the proprietary materials and may not sell, transmit, rent, lease, auction, or otherwise deal in them in any manner whatsoever, either in exchange for or on behalf of another person donate them gratuitously and may not trade in them or assist others to do so. Gurmehub has no affiliation with any is not recognized and accepted by transfers of the element that take place outside the exclusivity of .


9. DevelopmentLevel Participation

9.1 Members are allowed to try Gurmehub's advanced development stages such as "beta", "closed beta", "open beta", "alpha", etc. may be given the opportunity. The Member's participation in these stages as a development level experimenter is subject to the following terms and conditions:

a. Member, development levels, that they used the preview version of Gurmehub in the beta trial and alpha trial they participated in, and that they used the internet version of Gurmehub in the beta trial and alpha trial. that the content, utilities, software and features within Gurmehub may contain known or unknown bugs or errors, may not function properly and the intended functions may not work, may interfere with the operation of other software applications and may cause errors, data loss or may cause any other problems.

b. As a beta tester, the only way for a Member to be invited to experience beta versions is The reason is to evaluate sairbeta level content and identify bugs. Any other content in these terms or anything on Gurmehub is alpha or beta. trial or any rights or privileges granted to the Member with respect to the content found herein by the Member. Alpha and beta trials are provided on an "as is", "as available" basis for the trial and are not provided to the Member by the Member in any form, description or no assurances are provided. The Member agrees that access to the alpha and beta content is entirely at his/her own risk and that the part related to alpha and beta content, including, but not limited to, the obligation to provide it free of charge within Gurmehub in the future accepts in advance that it has no liability whatsoever.

c. Members may not be able to access certain beta trial content, or any other information that they may have access to during this beta trial experience points, special units, special units, ranks, honors, special currencies, powers, campaigns/promotions as a result of bidding, listing or other actions This data may be collected at any time during the alpha and beta testing phase without any reason whatsoever. can be reset. All usage history and data can be deleted when the respective content is upgraded to full version, and each member can be restored to the initial state for that specific content. will be returned. Members will receive an exclusive subscription to all kinds of power of any kind, under any name whatsoever, which they will obtain within the alpha and beta phase content. accepts in advance that 's has no responsibility whatsoever for the resetting of the type, special currency, points and similar denomination/value.


10. Disciplinary Action/ Account termination

10.1 The Member agrees that Gurmehub may suspend, terminate, edit, block access to or block Gurmehub in whole or in part or any Member account, in whole or in part, at any time and with or without cause, without the need for any notice. accepts, declares and undertakes that it can delete.

10.2 The Member agrees to decide how and when to apply warnings, penalties and/or disciplinary actions accepts, declares and undertakes that there is a discretionary authority that I use according to the severity of the violation and the number of offenses.

10.3 The Member agrees that this Agreement or arising out of any term of or in connection with the User's implementation or execution of this Agreement or the User Content, access to Gurmehub, fees, the type or amount of applicable taxes, methods of remuneration, or changes in fees, applicable taxes or methods of remuneration including, but not limited to, the resolution of any dispute arising out of or in connection therewith accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she knows that the only right of the user name, listings and / or account / profile is the complete cancellation of the user name, listings and / or account / profile.


11. Intellectual Property Rights

11.1 's services provided by Gurmehub and other information contained therein and 's intellectual property rights subject works, trademarks, Gurmehub's design and trade dress or any intellectual and industrial property owned through Gurmehub All rights to all assets, real and personal rights, commercial information and know-how, including property rights, are protected by the laws of the Republic of Turkey. It is forbidden to use them in ways contrary to the relevant laws numbered 5846 and 6769 without the written permission of the Company.

11.2 Gurmehub The content such as pictures, graphics, videos, text, photographs, etc. accessed within the content belongs to and/or by a third party who is the legal owner is obtained and offered under a legally valid license.

11.3 Members are required to provide their services, information and information in accordance with the laws numbered 5846 and 6769. sell, resell, reproduce, reprocess, process, share, share, distribute, distribute, display, reproduce or allow third parties to access 's services or to allow it to be used by the government.

11.4 As a result of their conduct contrary to the foregoing, the 'licensors' the full amount of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages claimed for damages incurred by third parties, including license fees, payment penalties, compensation under the FSEK and other relevant legislation, administrative fines, as well as court costs and attorney's fees.

11.5 By accessing the contents/services on Gurmehub through downloading, trial, purchase and/or other means, Members are entitled to an individual, non-exclusive, non-transferable and have acquired a non-commercial right of use (application/site usage license).

11.6 Members, Digital Rights available for use within Gurmehub Management (DRM) system, or any other application, any software, program, application/content/software/database or other form of stored application/content/software/database, including any DRM system, crack the application code or any other device, application, or any other system designed to protect its contents and its continuity, or They accept, declare and undertake that they will not use it to exceed.

11.7 Tables, values, descriptions, pictures, questions of Members sent to Gurmehub, answers, comments and opinions and other content provided with them are non-commercial, and the right to use them is subject to all financial and other rights under Law No. 5846. including, but not limited to, any and all subsidiary rights, perpetually and irrevocably belong exclusively to the Company, without any royalties of any kind.

11.8 , at its sole discretion, may terminate the membership of Members who repeatedly violate the rules enumerated in this Agreement, or suspend or limit their access to Gurmehub.

12. Non-Guarantee and Independence of Relationships

12.1 Gurmehub Gurmehub has no responsibility for the offer, acceptance, acceptance, contract and payment stages between members. Gurmehub is not responsible for the service provision/ or that the relevant supplier, in its capacity as a service provider, will ensure that the member to receive a service performs the work in question at the requested time and place/region. will be able to do so. Service members should do their own research about the supplier members who provide services.

12.2 Any responsibility for the products/services to be received from the suppliers through Gurmehub shall be borne by the suppliers, and Gurmehub shall have no liability whatsoever for such products/services. no responsibility.

12.3 Gurmehub does not endorse or recommend the service provider or its services, its work performance or the services provided. does not guarantee the outcome or quality of the services. Gurmehub provides a ranking, rating and/or rating of suppliers through comments, voting and similar means. or categorization, prioritize some service providers as preferred/recommended or satisfied by users may be issued. However, this does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee by Gurmehub.

12.4 Gurmehub, serving and serving is not responsible for the relationship between the recipient. During the service to be provided by the supplier member or at any time to the service receiving member or 3rd parties Gurmehub has no responsibility for the decisions we will make.

12.5 Gurmehub, within the framework of the service request; eligibility of its service providers direct to the most appropriate service provider profiles among the supplier profiles registered in the system according to the status and content of the service request As such, service providers can also be given the opportunity to submit bids for service requests. Supplier service providers can offer services on their own initiative and choice. have the right to submit an offer within the framework of Gurmehub brokerage service for sending offers to the request.

12.6 Gurmehub, reliability of suppliers, is appropriate and competent to provide the relevant service, the services are provided and delivered in a timely manner, are safe and error-free, and will be obtained from the use of the service Gurmehub does not guarantee or warrant the adequacy or reliability of the results or that the quality of the service will meet expectations. Gurmehub, as a result of the acceptance of one of the offers related to the service request and the realization of the necessary prepayment with the approval of the discovery only tries to negotiate with the relevant service provider and, where it deems necessary, the service provider in question will try to negotiate with the service provider provided by the supplier member. information to perform reference checks and provide field support in reconnaissance.

12.7 Although Gurmehub shall have no liability whatsoever, the service provider shall use its best efforts to ensure the correct and complete performance of the services provided by suppliers.

12.8 ServiceAcquired from Member or Service Provider Errors arising from the Member (wrong date, absence of the service recipient at the address at the service start or discovery time, failure of the Service Provider to provide the service on the relevant date and time Gurmehub does not have any responsibility for the performance of the service or failure to go for discovery, etc.). Gurmehub does not allow such situations to occur will make maximum effort for. However, due to any errors or damages arising, the service provider shall not pay any compensation or damages to the supplier member or the service receiving member. will not pay compensation.

12.9 The accuracy of the information or statements made by suppliers in their own accounts and profiles is verified by the supplier members themselves. are committed by themselves, Gurmehub has no responsibility for these.

12.10 Regarding the service to be provided by suppliers The responsibility for all kinds of permits, approvals, control certificates, licenses, etc. required to be provided within the scope of the legislation in force belongs to the Service Providers, otherwise All kinds of administrative, legal and criminal liability that may arise in this case belongs to the Service Provider. Gurmehub's and / or 3rd parties and / or responsibility for any damages incurred by the Service Providers and the obligation to indemnify any damages belongs to the Service Providers.

12.11 Gurmehub may provide a national, local or the information received from other public authorities or third parties is accurate, correct or up-to-date, or that the service member has checked the information in question represent or warrant that it is up to date and current on the date.

12.12 Written service-related agreements between the service provider and the receiving members The parties are directly responsible for all kinds of taxes, duties, fees, payments and similar obligations arising from the contracts. For the services and products listed on Gurmehub operated by Gurmehub, Gurmehub is the seller within the scope of the Law on Consumer Protection and related legal legislation, provider, manufacturer, producer, manufacturer, dealer, agency, advertiser or media organization.

12.13 Gurmehub, its service members registered in its system personal data such as name, address and telephone number with supplier service providers for the creation of offers or the provision of the relevant service is not responsible for any problems or damages that may arise between the member receiving the service and the service provider(s) due to sharing. Service the recipient and the service provider consent to the processing of their personal data for the marketing and performance of the services under this Agreement and for the purposes set forth herein have consented to be shared in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. According to Articles 5(c) and 5(f) of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, service recipients and service providers The processing of personal data and sharing only between contracting parties does not require explicit consent.

12.14 The information of the Service Member is shared by Gurmehub with the Service Provider to provide the service or to create an offer. Providing the service smoothly with this information sharing for the purpose of advertising, marketing, personal etc. In the event that the said information is not separately approved by the service provider without the consent of the service recipient, advertising, marketing, personal, etc. use for the situation or purpose, sharing or transferring with third parties, or problems that may arise between the service recipient and the service provider(s) or is not responsible for any damage that may occur.

12.15 Between Gurmehub and the service provider or between Gurmehub and the Member/User There is no (a) employment, (b) part-time employment, (c) consultancy, (d) contracting, (e) joint venture or (f) agency relationship in any way and under any circumstances.


13. Validity of Records

13.1 The Member, in any disputes that may arise from this Agreement, shall notify the electronic and / or systematic records, commercial records kept in their own databases or servers by institutions or persons affiliated with the service relationship, bookkeeping records and other computer records and data shall constitute valid, binding, conclusive and exclusive evidence, 'ı has waived the oath offer and that this article is an evidential contract within the meaning of Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure No. 6100 (CCP). It accepts, declares and undertakes that it is an evidential contract within the meaning of Article 193. In any dispute, data such as video or audio recordings and data in electronic media and similar information that are suitable to prove the facts in dispute carriers are documents pursuant to Article 199 of the CCP.

14. Amendments to the Convention

14.1 unilaterally and at its sole discretion the right to unilaterally change this Agreement at any time it deems appropriate, provided that it is not to the detriment of the users. has. In case of any change in the agreement, the updated agreement text will be available under the same link as the old one, with the new date update and version number. and will be notified to its users via electronic mail or mobile notification if deemed necessary by Gurmehub management and / or The revised updated Agreement text shall be effective from the date of its publication on Gurmehub and shall be subject to the approval of Gurmehub and its incorporated use of any other services or content will be subject to the terms of the revised Agreement from then on.

14.2 This Agreement, unilateral declarations of the Members cannot be replaced with


15. Compelling Reasons

15.1 Natural disaster, riot, war, strike, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, electricity beyond the reasonable control of the relevant party, including but not limited to interruption and bad weather conditions, and subject to the exercise of due diligence by the relevant party unavoidable events that cannot be prevented shall be interpreted as force majeure under this Agreement.

15.2 In all cases of force majeure, shall not be held legally liable for late performance and/or non-performance of any of its obligations arising out of this Agreement. This and such shall not be deemed to be delay, non-performance or default in respect of, or any indemnification obligation of 's in the event that such circumstances arise will not arise.

15.3 No delay and/or interruption in internet connections that may arise from service providers and/or infrastructure. shall not be held responsible in any way.


16. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction, Dispute Resolution

In the application, interpretation and The legislation of the Republic of Turkey shall apply to the management of legal relations and settlement of disputes arising under this Agreement. arising out of this Agreement In settling any dispute or any dispute that may arise, the Parties shall first endeavor to settle the dispute peacefully between themselves. Disputes that cannot be resolved peacefully accept and declare that Istanbul (Cağlayan) Courts and Execution Offices are exclusively authorized for the resolution of the dispute.


17. Duration of the Contract and Feshi

17.1 This Agreement shall remain in force until the Member's membership expires, terminates or is canceled for any reason whatsoever, and the terms and shall continue to have its consequences. The Agreement shall also be deemed terminated in the event of termination or permanent suspension of the membership of the Member.

17.2 The Member has the right to request termination of his/her account at any time by notifying the Member.

17.3, Members are required to comply with the provisions and similar rules regarding the use, membership and any other content and services within Gurmehub It may unilaterally terminate the Agreement and the Members shall be liable to indemnify all damages incurred and may be incurred by the Members due to termination.

17.4 Upon termination of a Member's membership in any way, any accumulated payments of any kind or nature, if any, which may be collected and by in the event of any potential charges having been incurred, all of which will be collected from the Member prior to the termination of the membership. In addition, termination of membership in the case of payments or other consideration in respect of the incurrence of any fees, remuneration or expenses arising in any manner whatsoever, and The Member is also fully responsible for the damages.

17.5 In the event that the Member's account is terminated or canceled for any reason, the Member No refunds of any kind or on any terms whatsoever shall be made, such that no online time or other points or other credits, etc. will not be returned to the Member or they will not be converted into cash or other forms of payment.

17.6 A member whose membership has been terminated may be allowed to become a Member again for any overdue or unpaid charges, repeated breach of Contract, hacking/cheating, or use of a disputed account, use should not be present.

17.7 In the event of termination of the membership, the Member shall be entitled to receive all the contents/ files/presentations/tables and other application outputs and all files and records related to the contents, all together in a way that cannot be accessed from the system again to abolish and destroy it completely.


18. Enforcement

18.1 This Membership Agreement consisting of 17 main headings, by Gurmehub becomes effective on the date it is announced in Gurmehub. Members accept the provisions of this Agreement by using Gurmehub or its contents. may amend the provisions of this Agreement at any time and the amendments shall enter into force on the date of publication on Gurmehub by specifying the version number and / or date of amendment.


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