How to Apply for e-Invoice? 2020

How to Apply for e-Invoice? 2020

 Requirements Before Applying to e-Invoice?

e-Invoice to be able to apply;

  • Legal entities may use the Public Certification Center ( https://mportal.kamusm.gov.tr/bp/edf.go you can apply online) financial seal to receive a license to practice law.
  • Natural persons may, if they wish  e-Signature or they can use the financial seal they have obtained.

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Financial seal to obtain the transaction fee after filling out the form provided to you. your payment is required. After successfully completing your application 3-4 days you will receive the financial seal within this period. After you receive the financial seal Transition to e-Invoice you can start your process. You can also natural persons and if they want, they can send their invoices financial seal with a signature.

Taxpayers who have received the Financial Seal, financial seal installation processes  After successfully completing the e-Invoice application, you can submit your e-Invoice application to the Revenue Administration (RA). https://portal.efatura.gov.tr/efaturabasvuru/ from the web address they can.

e-Invoice Live Environment Application Inquiry?

what is e-arsiv-e-invoice

e-Invoice interrogation phase, https://portal.efatura.gov.tr/efaturabasvuru/Sorgula.jsp taxpayer's web address tax identification No su or ID number You can query by typing in the relevant field. You can compare the available information with the information in the e-Invoice system and check its accuracy.

RA integrated into the application by e-Invoice system provides many conveniences and advantages to its users.

 Utilization Methods in e-Invoice Issuance


  • Gib Portal
  • Your own IT system (integration)
  • Special integrators

Why Choose a Special Integrator for e-Invoice Transition?

e-Invoice system You can manage end-to-end transition operations thanks to special integrations. Custom integrations, has strong technical infrastructures. With its quality and safety certificates, it allows you to manage the entire process with minimum risk.


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