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Why Elementor is the Most Popular Page Builder?


Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for building WordPress-based websites. A page builder is the most critical building block in any WordPress website. It allows you to create a customized website with a dynamic design without coding. Thanks to constant innovation and advanced features, Elementor wins the hearts of users and stays ahead of the competition with other page builders.

Elementor's Popularity

Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

More than 16 million websites have been built using elementor and 15,264,588 websites are Elementor Customers. Live, 8,546,839 websites are using Elementor and 3,984,465 of them are using Elementor PRO.

Elementor's Powerful Characteristics that Ensure its Popularity

Grab and Drag Feature

Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

It offers easy and free design with all kinds of ready-made blocks from its own library, providing full-time preview and without the need for coding. You can also make adjustments to the exact similarity and size of the designs with customization options. With all these transformations you can easily create unique pages, sales pages, affiliate pages, blogs, portfolios and more. Drag widgets like buttons, text boxes, images, etc. to your page and customize them to make it visually rich.

Template Management

In addition to creating designs with just grab and drag, you can also customize ready-made designs with the help of the template library. Paid and free templates are available in different types and budgets. Ready-made templates include unique designs with impressive color schemes, images, styles and fonts. It is very easy to use and you can create your pages in minutes thanks to the template library.

International Style Settings

Choosing the right colors and font types for design is difficult. Professional looking designs can be achieved with Elementor's ready-made suggestions. You can speed up your website development workflow by using the global design system.

Artificial Intelligence Tool

Use Elementor AI to build your website. This is an extension of the WordPress page builder and is an AI-based extension that offers design suggestions for your website. Elementor AI creates a seamless front-end to help users save time and offers a new "AI Authoring" feature in the content areas of each widget. It also generates HTML with the "AI Code Assistant" feature, provides custom CSS for precision widgets, and creates custom code snippets such as Facebook Pixel code, Google Analytics code, etc. to track website page activity. Other features of Elementor Page Builder include Elementor Widgets, editing the styling of elements, Elementor Field Kits, integration, workflow optimization and various features of Elementor Pro. These features include Popup Builder, Theme Builder, Elementor Form Builder, Dynamic Content, Global Widgets, Sticky Elements, Place Anywhere, Interactive Carousels, Custom Header and Footer, 300+ Professional templates, Price Tables and Price Lists, Custom Fonts and Icons. With these features, you can easily optimize your website design and improve user experience using Elementor AI.

Compatibility Provided by

Web sitesi trafiği sadece masaüstüne bağlı değil ayrıca %60’ından fazlası mobil cihazlardan geliyor ve bu oran giderek artıyor. Dolayısı ile mobil cihazlardan popülerlik elde etmek masaüstünden daha sıktır. Bununla birlikte, web sitelerine tabletler aracılığıyla da erişim sağlanıyor. Bu çeşitlilik içinde, ekran boyutları ve onlara uyumlu sayfa görünümlerine sahip olmak kritik önem taşır. Bu nedenle, tasarımcılar için önemli olan, Elementor gibi araçları kullanarak, web sitelerinin tüm cihazlarda uyumlu ve çekici görünmesini sağlamaktır. Elementor, web sitelerinin hızla uyarlanmasını sağlayarak, ziyaretçilere her cihazda mükemmel bir deneyim sunar. Bu da, kullanıcıların web sitenize erişimini artırır ve memnuniyetlerini artırır.

Elementor is also compatible with almost all premium themes.

WordPress Community Perspective

The WordPress community generally supports Elementor; thanks to its intuitive front-end interface, users can create visually rich websites. In terms of flexibility, Elementor offers many design templates, themes and widgets, providing a wide range of customization. In terms of performance, Elementor is popular for its fast and efficient operation, while some users have reported slowdown issues with the use of multiple themes and plugins, and in terms of compatibility, it can work with other plugins and themes, but there may be some compatibility issues. Community popularity helps users improve their websites through online tutorials, guides, forums and third-party plugins, while regular updates improve Elementor's security and performance to keep sites up to date.

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