Optimal payment methods for e-commerce sites

Optimal payment methods for e-commerce sites

Optimal payment methods for e-commerce sites

If you are setting up a new e-commerce site and entering this vast world, you now have too many competitors. It means that you have started to think about how to roll up your sleeves and reduce costs 🙂 . In order to stand out among so many competitors, you need to take into account a lot of things such as marketing, product differentiation, minimizing prices, speed.

If you are a new venture, you should minimize the money that will come out of your pocket at the very beginning of the work, and you should stay away from transactions with fixed fees that will be paid before you even use them. You will already have a lot of other initial expenses. Site setup, company setup, plugins, themes, staff etc.

With the development of technology, as with all our habits, our methods in our money exchange have changed a lot. Now most people don't pay with cash, and many of them even leave their credit card and pay with mobile payment. As an e-commerce site owner, you should catch these changes and make it easier for your users to buy your products and reduce the costs in your trade.

Optimal payment methods for e-commerce sites

E-Commerce payment methods

Payment by Bank Transfer

With the classic bank money transfer, money is sent to the e-commerce site up to the order amount and the transaction is completed.

Advantages: Money is sent from the client's account on his/her own instruction, which is reassuring.

Disadvantages: If the customer does not have an account in the same bank as your bank account, there may be a statement transaction fee. Since you will need to follow the bank transactions in a certain period and complete the order, the purchasing time will be extended and the transactions may become complicated.

Bank Card Payment

You can pay by credit card, debit card using the Interbank Card Center (BKM). iyzico with BKM Express and work with commission per order.

Advantages: You can attract customers who do not have a credit card but have money in a savings account.

Payment at the door

With this payment method offered by cargo companies (PTT, Domestic, Aras Kargo), payment is received by the cargo company official when the product you have shipped is taken to the customer.

Advantages: It gives confidence because the product sold is paid after it is seen by the customer and cash payment is made.

Disadvantages: Transaction fees may be high. Since the transaction fee is charged per payment received, not proportionally per product sold, the same transaction fee is charged whether 5 TL product is sold or 250 TL product is sold.

Mobile Payment

It is a payment method made with the mobile phone number offered by GSM operators. The payment is reflected on the customer's bill. It is a method mostly preferred by the 15-20 age group. It is suitable for places that sell games, applications and e-pins.

Advantages: Safe and fast.

Disadvantages: Payment limits are very low, around 100 TL. Difficult to use for physical product sales. There are too many regulations. It may not be active on every line.

Credit Card Payment

Credit card is a way of making payments in installments and in advance with special cards allocated by banks to their customers. It is the most used payment method in e-commerce.

Advantages: A payment method accepted by everyone. It is reliable and fast.

Disadvantages: If an intermediary institution is not used, separate agreements and integration with each bank may be required.

In order to receive payments by credit card, you need to apply for virtual pos from banks and integrate them into your e-commerce site, you need to do this process for each bank and you need to make a lot of effort. Instead, you can use intermediary organizations such as iyzico, payu, etc. to process credit cards from many banks and add a credit card shopping option from your e-commerce site. When choosing an intermediary institution, instead of intermediaries that charge a fee at the beginning, you can choose an intermediary that charges a commission per order. iyzico organizations such as the ones I mentioned at the beginning will help you minimize the costs I mentioned at the beginning.

Optimal payment methods for e-commerce sites

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Try to have more than one payment method system on your site. Which payment methods you choose depends a little bit on the product/service you will sell, but always have the credit card option on your site. Instead of dealing with banks, prefer intermediaries that take commission on the order.


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