4 Reasons to Avoid Warez WordPress Themes

There are no shortcuts to good things. WordPress themes can be expensive. There are hundreds of free options. And some of them are quite good, but the best themes are usually paid. For this reason, some people decide to use warez WordPress themes, but this is not a good choice.

What are WordPress warez themes? Are they really as bad as people say, or are they just there to scare you away from using the right things for free? In this post, I explain in detail why you should never use such themes.

About WordPress warez there are countless reasons not to trust their themes and plugins. WUsing arez themes will cost you a lot more than you think. And we will show you what these bad themes will do to you, your business and the overall budget you intend to save. I am talking about 6 coups.

WordPress Warez What are the themes?

In short, warez WordPress themes are pirated premium themes and as such, they don't come with all the features and benefits that premium has. Also their use is quite dangerous. In this article, We will explain in detail why you should never, ever use WordPress warez themes .

Warez What happens when you use themes?

All kinds of problems can arise, from financial problems to legal problems! Instead of just paying a little bit of money warez you put yourself and your business in a serious situation by using themes. Why risk yourself, your brand, your site and the safety of your visitors just for 50-100$?

6 main reasons not to use WordPress Warez themes

It's illegal to use them

As we said before, warez themes are illegal. These are themes stolen from authors, themes that come without a license key, and common copyright material. The people who stole them have taken all the resources related to premium and offer them either for less money or completely free. You will find yourself in a serious situation as theme owners, developers can or will sue you. Using stolen goods is not something you or your business wants.

Security breach

One of the main and most important things when making your site is its security. This should always be at the top of your priority. Therefore, in WordPress (or any other CMS ) you really shouldn't consider using warez themes.

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